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CrossFit is for life

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The three meaningful components to analyze CrossFit are safety, efficacy and efficiency. In this article, we take a closer look at safety and why the foundational movements of CrossFit are so important.

The way you move your body during your workouts is imperative to keeping yourself not only safe, but to ensure that you are actually getting what you need out of exercise.

Teaching or execution of Foundational movements of CrossFit requires knowing the necessary points of execution, including set-up and finish positions of the foundational Movements.

Performing these movements with right mechanics maximizes neuroendocrine response, developing power and strength.

CrossFit is nothing but the basic movements of life:

There are movements that mimic motor recruitment patterns that are found in everyday life. Others are somewhat unique to the gym. Squatting is the right technique of standing from a seated position, like wise, deadlifting is picking any object off the ground in a safe manner. They are both functional movements. The usual gym movements like leg extension and leg curl both are no equivalent in nature and are in turn nonfunctional movements. The bulk of isolation movements are non-functional movements. Contrary to this, the compound or multi-joint movements are functional. Natural movement typically involves the movement of multiple joints for every activity.

The importance of functional movements is primarily two-fold. First of all the functional movements are mechanically sound and therefore safe, and secondly they are the movements that elicit a high neuroendocrine response.

CrossFi tmanaged a stable of elite athletes (Any person who adopted CrossFit for their fitness regimen is called an athlete in CrossFit terms) and dramatically enhanced their performance exclusively with functional movements. The superiority of training with functional movements is clearly apparent with any athlete within weeks of their incorporation.

The soundness and efficacy of functional movements are unmatched to any other workout regimen that exercising without them is by comparison a colossal waste of time to your fitness journey or life in general.

The 9 foundational movements of CrossFit that one needs to learn:


Air Squat

Front Squat

Overhead Squat


Shoulder Press

Push Press

Push Jerk



Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Medicine Ball Clean

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