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Sandy, Level 3 certified coach, Founder

Coming from the world’s diabetes capital and a family with a history, I have never believed any kind of fitness could bring a change in how I looked or felt, therefore, always conveniently ignored any sport or physical activity that I could only possibly embarrass myself with.

My education in science helped me believe otherwise and I slowly began inculcating some morning walks in my routine. This was exactly when I stumbled on a group of CrossFit men challenging themselves and others around in a park. My performance was way under my least expectation and rights that moment I knew I had little choice but to work on myself. As a man of science, I need to see the logic in things before I can accept them and CrossFit gave me the answers. My CrossFit journey started here, only with the idea to fix my body situation.

4 years later, not only did CrossFit change my body, it changed my life. I quit my full-time research associate job within a year to take up CrossFit for a living. I went on to become one amongst the only two CrossFit Level 3 certified trainers in India, started training and programming Nutrition & CrossFit for 180+ athletes, got involved in several corporate wellness programs, conducted workshops on healthy living across 18+ colleges, held inter-corporate and inter-college CrossFit challenges to showcase the message to a larger audience. My passion also got me to work for Rio Olympics 2016 at weightlifting.

All this because I strongly believed, if it could fix my life, I knew it can fix anybody’s. I defeated several common belief’s around me about weight loss with crash diets or detox drinks, weight and food habits owed to genetics, and I wanted to help everybody else around me through my box, CrossFit Mend.


  • Certified CrossFit Trainer/ CrossFit Level 3
  • CrossFit Weightlifting certified
  • Eat to perform Nutrition Certified advisor
  • CPR, AED: American Heart Association
  • Masters in Molecular Biology


Living in the world’s diabetes capital and hailing from a family with a history of the disease was certainly not the ideal motivation material for me to get started on my fitness journey. I always felt I was beyond saving and that no amount of exercise could get my tubby and chubby self back in shape. Every time there was even the slightest chance of me having to take part in any kind of a physical activity, I had to use all of my ninja skills to hide myself from view.

Needless to say, I hated feeling like this.

My education in science forced me to come to terms with the logic here: that lifestyle of mine was simply not sustainable. Soon after, I took up morning walks at KBR park. More than anything, this helped me acquire some discipline. This was around the time I bumped into a group of CrossFitters pushing themselves to the limits in the park. My performance was obviously way below my expectations (duh), which is when I realized that working on myself, for whatever it’s worth, is a goal worth striving for. Before delving into CrossFit headfirst, however, I made sure to sit back and study the logic of its approach and movements. The more I discovered, and the more I learned, the more convinced I became.

The next 4 years were an absolute whirlwind as CrossFit refused to let go of me. Day after day, year after year, I felt my body improve as I gained muscle and lost fat. For the first time ever, I was sore in places I didn’t even know existed in my body.


I knew the time had come.

In the following year, I quit my full-time Research Associate position and took up CrossFit full-time for a living. There wasn’t a single day where I was allowed to settle into a comfort zone. It was like CrossFit was telling me ‘I don’t care if you gave up your job for me. You still aren’t good enough!’ I felt humbled, and this was what motivated me to learn more. Not long after, I managed to become one of only 5 (as of March, 2019) CrossFit Level 3 certified trainers in India. I started programming the nutrition as well as the CrossFit regimens of 180+ athletes, got myself involved with several corporate wellness programs, and conducted workshops in my spare time to raise awareness about healthy living for the common person. We even went on to organize inter-corporate and inter-college CrossFit challenges to drive the message home as hard as we could:


CrossFit is the answer to your fitness conundrums.


Maybe not the only answer, but certainly the best one.

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Hyderabad- 500033, Telangana, India