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Why CrossFit Mend


Before we start off, it is imperative we understand what CrossFit really is, especially in a time when so-called ‘CrossFit gyms’ are popping up a dozen a dime in Hyderabad. However, a lot of these places do it without any sort of affiliation or focus on the science behind the movement. CrossFit combines elements from calisthenics, gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting, and bodyweight exercises.

Although functional training of varying degrees is available in Hyderabad, a holistic approach to CrossFit wasn’t.

Which is why we set up Mend.

At Mend, we focus not only on the science behind the movement but also on the wonderfully warm community around us. It is this intimacy that has sprung between us that allows us to say our CrossFit training is way different from what is offered elsewhere in Hyderabad.

We are located in Jubilee Hills. If you’re ever in the area and have some time on your schedule, come check us out!

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